SeanJohn “Johnny” Leclercq

The best doggone dog in the west, east, north and deep south

March 27, 2002 - Sept 17, 2016

Johnny was born in Nova Scotia where he enjoyed running on the beach, chasing squirrels and attending horse shows. At the age of 8 he moved from the east coast to Alberta. He lived on a working ranch and enjoyed swimming in the dug out and making new friends. Johnny experienced many great adventures in his latter years. He flew in planes and drove by car, peeing in the Atlantic, Pacific and Gulf of Mexico with many pit stops in between. He was a frequent patron of the Las Vegas Dog Hotel. He went to Disney World – twice – where he received outstanding report cards from his dog resort counsellors. He loved the beaches of San Diego and the snowy fields of Alberta. He was kind, affectionate, wise and sensitive. He is the source of many treasured memories for us all. SeanJohn is loved and missed by his family Holly, Jules, Jude, dog brother Mickey, his lifelong pony friend Superstar, extended family and many friends. Until we meet again, SJ.