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If you’re struggling to deal with a very difficult situation, we’re here to help.

Paws To Rest is a compassionate in-home pet euthanasia and after care service proudly provided by Vets To Go. As pet owners ourselves, we know the heartache and pain that comes when you’re faced with making such a difficult decision for your pet. Our Paws To Rest service provides you a compassionate, loving way to say goodbye to your pet at home, where they’re most comfortable and at peace. It helps create positive, warm memories of an otherwise difficult experience and minimizes stress for both your family and your pet.

We’ve been providing in-home pet euthanasia services for dogs and cats since 2009 and currently offer our services in Calgary, Edmonton, and the surrounding communities. Our caring Veterinarians and support team can provide you with compassionate and professional advice to answer any questions you have about the process. Whether you need help deciding “is it time?” or to understand what your post-euthanasia options are, Paws To Rest is here to help guide you.

A Pet Owner’s Hardest Decision: “Is It Time?”

As pet owners ourselves, we know the heartache and pain that comes when you’re faced with making the right decision for your pet’s well-being. With this in mind, we’ve put together an informative guide to help you know when it’s time to help your pet cross over, help guide you through the pet euthanasia process, and to help you understand your post-euthanasia options. Download the free guide “Is It Time? A Guide To Compassionate Euthanasia”

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Paw Prints & Memorial Items

We understand how difficult this process is, and how important it is for you to choose the right memorial item for your pet. We carry a small selection of urns and paw print memorial items to help you preserve the memory of your beloved pet. 


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