Goodbye To My Best Buddy

2003 - 2016

Elmo was born as part of a feral litter. His litter mates and mama were found on the street and luckily brought to the Calgary Humane Society. I saw him when he was 6 weeks old and adopted him right then. He was too little to leave the Humane Society so Elmo stayed with them for a couple more weeks before I could pick him up. He was TINY! In the car on the way home he pooped in his carrier. He also protested LOUDLY that he was unimpressed with his accommodations in the vehicle. His personality showed even at that young age. Elmo grew to be a 20 lb. very big cat. He bonded to just one human. I was his human and he was my best buddy for 13 years. We had lots of routines together. He was demanding for affection and was a complete lap cat. Elmo disliked all other humans except my husband. I knew Nnamdi was a keeper when Elmo was okay with him. Elmo was my constant buddy. He understood everything I said. He was loyal, affectionate and incredibly intelligent. I will miss him forever.