2000 - 2017

He was a well loved cat for 17 years. His brother, Griffin, was sad when he learned of this. Griffin, Pook, and Max were all there when Tigger passed. Tigger liked to sleep and play with his brothers and sister. When Tigger was little, he liked to sing to his …

Meow Meow

Our son Chris adopted him as a kitten from Meow Foundation. His name then was Noah and he had been abandoned under a door step. Our grand daughter Abby couldn’t say Noah and she would ask where is Meow Meow so that was it that was his name from then …



Patch was our gentle giant and a purr-monster with a lot of “catitude.” He will be missed now and forever.



From the minute he walked in the door it was pretty clear that Morris knew he had found his home. He’d already been through at least two homes before he came to us but we think he quite liked ours and he showed us his gratitude every single day. He …



Abby You no longer greet me as I walk through the door. You’re not there to make me smile or to make me laugh anymore. Life seems quiet without you, You were far more than a pet you were a family member, my confidant and a loving soul I’ll never …


??- April 2017

Anyone who had the chance to meet Blueberry knew she was a very special cat. She was so loving and sweet to everyone, and you couldn’t help but return that love; even for those who didn’t think of themselves as ‘cat people’. She was rescued from a hard life living …


April 29, 2008 - June 5, 2017

You were one of the best dogs we’ve ever had and we are going to miss you so much! You will always be in our hearts forever my handsome boy!!



After a rocky start in life, Darwin came to us in the spring of 2004. He had been returned to the breeder after a divorce and he languished there for about a year. She described him as damaged goods, but he got one look at us and he decided we …