My sweet girl passed from heart failure in October of 2015 at the rip age of 16.5 years old. She was my ray of sunshine, my sweet baby girl. I will forever miss her sqweak for treats, her warm paw on my cheek first thing in the morning and those …



A small piece of my heart died when you did. I love you my boy. You provided me with so much love and joy. I hope to see you again some day. I will always carry you with me. I love you! xoxo

Ruby Alberta Pearl

Feb 2007 - Nov 2016

So the day has come that we say farewell to our beautiful girl, she brought so much laughter and joy, and never cease to amaze us with her cleverness, and demands, time will take the sting away ,and we shall be together again in the blink of an eye… The …



At 8 weeks old you became a very special member of our family ❤️ At 2 lbs 2 oz you were an absolute little bundle of joy ❤️ You were so small that when you bent your head down to eat from your food dish your little butt would raise and your …


September, 2001-November, 2016

My precious Leo, there are no amount of words to express how much I love you. My Leo, passed away peacefully on November 20th, 2016. Leo had a unique personality, he was very timid around new people and was a bit of a scaredy cat- but would never hurt a …



Saying “Good-bye” to a dear friend is never easy. On October 30, our Shiloh Shephard, Maitreya, left us. We had the privilege of being with her until the very end. Maitreya came into my life quite unexpectedly and she immediately decided that she was going to be my guardian angel …