Our Snerggie

2008 - 2016

To our Max (aka Snerggie) whose unconditional love, unique talents and endearing quirks proved that our “ordinary” puppy from Balzac, Alberta was anything but! After a brief but very brave fight against cancer, a giant paw-shaped hole sits in our hearts today, but we are so thankful and lucky to have eight years of happy, fun memories to fill it up. We will remember him plucking wild raspberries straight from the bush, his present unwrapping skills, his mouse hunting expeditions through the tall grass on Nose Hill, and his constant quest to conquer the mighty housefly on a windowsill. We’ll miss having him constantly underfoot while making dinner and packing lunches, and watching him eat watermelon and chasing fly-away popcorn. We’ll remember the silkiness of his ears and the earthy smell of his paws. Thank you for teaching us the value of knowing when it’s time to quit work and go do something fun. Max, you were such good boy! We miss your Snerggie ways and will love you forever. xo