August 6, 1998 - July 10, 2017

Neko was our cat for 18 long wonderful years, he was loved and cherished by his whole family. From the day he came home he was always a laugh, by attacking our pup Harley, who would become his best friend, he didn’t know it yet, until Harley’s passing in 2010. He was an adorable little guy and that bit of kitten was there even into his old age. Neko loved nothing more than just being around his family. From staying up at night with us, to relaxing and just socializing, he always wanted to be part of what the family was doing. He was the perfect cat and never got into trouble, and was always willing to keep watch while we did yard work, always there to sit on the couch with us and watch a movie, and to be that gentle presence at the foot of our beds. He was always there Christmas morning to help open presents (even his own special kitty stocking). He was always there through good times and bad, and always a friend to everyone. We could not have asked for a better kitty, we all miss you Neko, and we will never forget what you brought to our family.. You were greatly loved and we miss you. Ryan, Scott, Heather, Chris and Peggy