Mr. Darcy

Cutest Little Pug in the West

August 20, 2002 - September 23, 2017

You stole my heart at two weeks old, and at 15 you took a piece of it with you. Always smiling and bringing smiles, you brought joy to so many, including complete strangers in the park who just had to have a selfie with the adorable Pug in a stroller – The Super Senior Citizen Pug. Always so happy go lucky and easy going, you were up for adventures and long road trips and making friends with any living creature who crossed your path. Our last epic road trip took us all the way to Haida Gwaii, and you slept peacefully in your bed on the overnight ferry even as the waves outside were a bit scary for Mom’s liking. Snuggling, your stuffed tiger, buttered toast, sunbeams – these were just a few of your favorite things. You never complained, and as your little body wore out I had to watch you carefully for the time when I knew I would have to let you go. In the morning hours before your passing, you just wanted to sleep in my lap, as if you were telling me in your gentle, sweet way that it was all ok and right, and it was what you wanted. At 10:40 a.m. on September 23, 2017, you slipped away in my lap, with your head in my hands and a small smile. You are forever here in my heart and memories, and with everyone who loved you. “Remember me on crisp autumn days, when yellow leaves reach to a brilliant blue sky”.