Joey Elvis Dog

Joey, the eternal optimist

1998 - 2016

Seldom seen dry or clean, you were the epitome of a fun and carefree spirit. You dedicated your long life to providing my dear sister with protection, (sometimes against evils such as skateboards and mailmen), love and comfort. You have taught us much of patience as well as how to track the remains of whatever goodies you had absconded with, unable to eat all of (usually buried in the couch or under a pillow). You were wise, even beyond your many years and we can all learn a lesson from your resilience and persistence but rest assured, your work here has been accomplished. May the other side be filled with puddles of mud to cool you, oceans and rivers to swim in, sticks that nearly outweigh you and many many careless eaters who shower you with delicious scraps of fallen dinner. RIP Joey.