My Lady Aggie

My Lady Aggie, just 3 months shy of her 12th birthday sadly left us on wings to heaven. Too suddenly aggressive cancer took her from us. Our Aggie, who took care of everyone, queen ear cleaner and marm to all, addicted to squeek’em egg toys, my majestic girl was my hearts grace. Face pretty as a cloud, our lead opera singer of our howling choir, her song will be missed dearly. Aggie loved to swim, my mermaid I called her. Her excited squeals of joy when playing squeek’em filled the air with enthusiasm. She too loved to run run RUN , always a pleasant hostess to company, human or furry. She loved when I would read them stories at sleepie time, covered ‘just so’ with her small blankie, would always ensure her paw was touching you while sleeping. She was my talker, would ‘tell me all about it’ for what ever reason, my sweet Lady girl how we miss you so. Our Queen now our angel, in company with Thelma and Louise, my blessed three watch over us, until we meet again. We miss you.