March 24 2004 to August 20 2019

Max may have crossed the Rainbow Bridge, but he will never be gone from our hearts. So thankful for the SPCA Volunteer who brought you out from hiding to us, so we could save you, and be blessed with you as the most wonderful cat ever for the past 14 …


March 2011 to August 15, 2019

Rango was a loved part of our family that will be dearly missed. Rango loved his walks, hotdogs and stuffed animals. Rango protected our family and loved each and everyone of us. We miss you and we will see you again.


Sept 6th 2005 - Aug 14th 2019

Harley was the Perfection of Love. He loved his Family. He loved the Outdoors, especially Winter. He was definitely a Snow-Dog. He was Gentle, Kind, never made a fuss about anything. He was a Sweet-Heart. He was Loved by All he met. We was our Baby. He was so Soft …



I knew that Mittens would be a feisty cat the day I picked her up from the Humane Society. She kept me (and my guests) on their toes for the full 10 years that she spent with me. However, she was also a sweet, loyal, loveable kitty who was always …



You stayed as long as you could. How I miss your darling face and wiggly tail. My constant and faithful companion.


July 2001 - April 2019

It is with great sorrow that we announce the passing of our beloved dog and most precious family member, Willow. We lost Willow in April and are just posting this now because we are still grieving so much and have had such a hard time accepting Willow is no longer …


June 2008 - May 2019

May you find that restful corner in dog Heaven!



I was very fortunate to have such an amazing animal in my life. I had fudge since he was a puppy, he was a puppy I got to watch from birth, and carry him from the house down the street in my hands. From there on we spend our lives …



Our dear sweet Ozzy boy. You came into our life as the sweetest little Christmas puppy. Little did we know how much joy and love you would bring us with your one of a kind personality and joy for life. Thank you for teaching us how to love so fiercely. …



Zoe was a loving companion her whole life, she loved swimming, playing with water from the hose, burying herself in the snow and any people food she could get her paws on!