Lucy Morozoff


No matter how deep my sleep, I shall hear you, and not all the power of death can keep my spirit from wagging a grateful tail. ❤️🐾❤️ “The Last Will and Testament of an Extremely Distinguished Dog” ~Eugene O’Neill (1888-1953) Share


September 2005 - April 2017

Having a soulmate isn’t always about romantic love, you can also find one in a friend. Some people think Jakey was ‘just a dog’. They don’t understand that some of my proudest moments have come from being with ‘just my dog’. Many hours have passed in the company of ‘just …

Kobey Lewis

March 17 2000 - March 12 2017

From the time you stood up in that pet store window, we knew you were ours. All these years later and your charm never changed. Thank you for being such a great cat Kobey. We will keep you in our hearts, and will always love and miss our green eyed …


May 2007 - March 2017

You picked us as your family and we are all the better for it. Thank you Blue. We will miss you always. Xoxo xoxo. Share



Our sweet boy Cowboy came to us as a rescue, feral and off of an old horse farm, no one knew where he came from, just that he needed help; I came to help, and I am SO glad I did. Our bond was instantaneous, my love for you grew …


June 10, 2003 to February 16, 2017

Words can’t even describe the pain I feel not being able to hold you or even see you again. My heart feels so lost, but it’s filled with so much love for you. You aren’t just my dog, you are my best friend. Always there when I needed you the …

Smokey (aka Smokey Muffin or Buddy)


Smokey was born in Grassland with big blue eyes, 6 toes on all his feet and a kink at the end of his tail. He was the most loving, sensitive, goofy and friendly cat his family had ever met and he instantly stole their hearts. He made many feline friends …



Spook, you came into our lives and helped make us a family. Though we will miss you deeply everyday, your memory will always bring us smiles, laughter and joy. Thank you for choosing us, thank you for your love, your sweet personality and your soft purrs of comfort. Rest peacefully …


July 23, 2001-October 15, 2016

Our dear Patches passed with the family that loved her dearly for 15 years surrounding her. We wept as we held you one last time. The runt of your litter, you grew big in our hearts. We miss you terribly, but it was time for you to have peace from …

Ty Dudley Klassen

October 6, 2004 - January 8, 2017

Our sweet little boy Ty left us today after a short but valiant battle with kidney disease. He was a gentle and lovable ball of fur who lived for treats and cuddles. We are all so saddened to lose our tiny boy, but know that he will live forever in …