Ollie (Oliver John)

2009 - 2019

Our sweet little boy left us today to play with Cheech and Sparky in pet heaven <3 Ollie had a lot of character – the way he leaned on the edge of the couch like the coolest of the cool, his gentle bark, and his escape artistry when he’d grab …

Rocky Fortney

2005 2018

It was with unimaginable grief that we had to put our sweet boy Rocky to rest, but we take some comfort in knowing that he is finally playing and protecting his mother and little sister again. Rocky was predeceased by his sister Dancer in 2013 and his mother in 2016. …

Cruise Thomas

October 29, 2004-January 21, 2019

Born to Sweet Sierra & Schmalz’s Sir Duke. Of 5 brothers & 7 sisters. HE WAS THE ONE! Apart of a 5 year plan, the house was established, the fence was built, and no man in my life. With $800.00 to spend for Xmas the greatest of all plans came …



Our hearts are still hurting for you Squeek! We miss your adorable face, and seeing you everyday. I hope you are reunited with Nala at the Rainbow Bridge, and that you have found a nice ray of sun to lay in. Love, Your Family ShareFacebookTwitteremailPinterestRedditGoogle+


June 2005 - January 2019

Your time with me is done and 14 years seems to have gone in the blink of an eye. How can one sum up all the years of love that you have left in my heart. Always close to me never letting me far from sight. My constant companion, my …


August 2005 - February 2, 2019

Our beloved Jake crossed the rainbow bridge today. He was our friend, brother and the greatest hunting partner of all time. Until we meet again… If I die before I wake, feed Jake, he’s been a good dog ShareFacebookTwitteremailPinterestRedditGoogle+

Pretty Girl

20?? - 2019

Goodbye my sweet little girl. You were the best little kitty and my “teddy bear”. Words cannot express how much I will you. I’ll miss you’re insanely loud purrs, you trying to steal food right out of my mouth, your little squeak of a meow and especially your snuggles. Thankful …


2001 - 2019

As a little orange ball of fluff I found so long ago; you became the biggest thing in my life. Through thick and thin you were awesome. You were there when no one else was. It was you time to cross the bridge to stand with your brother and other …


Aug 2016 - Jan 2019

It is with heavy hearts and many tears we were forced to say an untimely goodbye to our little diva Cosmo. Cosmo will be missed by her little pig sisters Loretta and Phoebe as well as Dryphus, the man she loved from afar. Cosmo was destined to be a big …



It was with heavy hearts and many tears that we finally had to say good bye to our long-time companion Kodi on December 17, 2017. Kodi was a dog that faced numerous challenges in his life but was always courageous and always came through with a big smile and bright …