Paw Prints, Urns & Memorial items

Custom Paw Print Impression

Request a custom clay impression of your pet’s paw to create a lasting keepsake. Available in a natural, glazed or hand-painted finish. Read more for imprint details and finish options.

*Please request your custom paw print impression before your Paws To Rest service is complete.

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We know how difficult this process is, and how important it is for you to choose the right memorial item for your pet.

While we carry a small selection of urns and memorial items in-house, our goal is to provide you the widest selection of pet urns and keepsakes to maximize your convenience and minimize your stress. Rather than trying to manage urn and memorial product inventory ourselves, we’ve decided to partner with Canada’s leading online supplier of high quality, customizable pet memorials – Perfect Memorials. Not only do they carry a much larger range of products than anyone does locally, but their prices are significantly lower (and they guarantee the lowest price, for 101 days after you purchase).

Why Don’t We Carry More Urns and Memorial Items In-House?

With so many urn choices and personal preferences, it was impossible to stock everything that our clients wanted – so we ended up often having to special order items that would take weeks to arrive. Also, as most products must be shipped in from the U.S. or overseas, it was a creating challenges with importing, customs, pricing and the U.S. dollar exchange, which was frustrating for many of our clients. Additionally, we found it difficult to rely on a local engraving company that could deliver reliably at a cost affordable to our clients.

With all of the added time and costs, we also found it was difficult to deliver a quality product to our clients at an affordable price. So, rather than trying to do it ourselves, we decided to refer clients to Perfect Memorials.

Their website is priced in Canadian dollars, and is extremely user friendly. The delivery costs are very reasonable, and the end cost including delivery from their site is usually 25-50% lower than the prices being charged locally. They will also arrange for any engraving or custom services you’d like to include as part of your order, and their products are high quality.

We wanted to provide our clients with the largest selection, and the lowest prices – but we were not able to do this by trying to manage this ourselves. To be clear, we do not receive any compensation for referring you to this company. We just feel that our role is to serve your best interests, and we believe that by allowing you to purchase directly from Perfect Memorials, you’ll be happy with the product, and receive the best possible value for your dollar.

If you’d like to order an urn or keepsake, you can do so through their website which you’ll find here.

If you choose to order an urn from this site (or you purchase one anywhere else), the Paws To Rest service includes the transfer of your pet into the new urn at no cost. We will hold onto your pet’s ashes securely until your urn arrives, and is ready to be transferred. Simply contact us to arrange to bring your urn or keepsake in, and have the transfer completed.

Thank you for entrusting us with such an important relationship in your life, and we are here to help with anything that you might need.

You can find the Perfect Memorials website at