What Others Say

What gives us the greatest satisfaction about what we do is knowing that we’re making a real difference for our clients.  Here are just a few of the many cards, comments and letters that we get from those we’ve been blessed to help. We love what we do, and our team is incredibly proud of how many people we’ve helped through such a difficult moment.

I can’t begin to express my gratitude to Vets to Go for all of the kindness and true compassion they bring to their profession. I had to put to sleep my two dearest companions last week- something I have feared doing for almost 18 years. The Vet came to my home and provided the most gracious, respectful and peaceful transition for my guys. It went above and beyond anything I could have ever hoped for them and her sensitivity and understanding for me was so appreciated.”
                 – Priscilla Hill

“I would sincerely like to thank you for all your help yesterday. You made the decision so much easier for Rick and myself regarding Otis. You were right, it was the right “time” for Otis and, as I feel really sad, I know we did the humane thing for Otis. Once again, thank you from the bottom of my heart.”– Linda D

“We put our beloved cat of 12 years down at home with the help of Paws to Rest (Vets To Go) program. Our handsome little man didn’t even know what was going on. He was completely comfortable and stress free. The vet that came to our home was so caring, sweet and gentle. She made the process so much easier. She was very compassionate with our Jimbo. Thank you for making this hard, heartbreaking situation easier and for being so good with our little man.”– Theresa & Justin Arcand

“When it was time to put down our cat they first provided wonderful information that helped us make the decision that it was time. It was just so nice to be able to do something so stressful and emotional in our home, where our cat felt safe and comfortable instead of in a vet clinic. At the appointment our Vet was incredibly compassionate and reassuring that we were making the right choice. It was the best possible way to do something so awful. Thank you.”
                 – Jillian Pearse Gent

“We as a family would like to extend our thanks to you for allowing us a very quiet, personal experience when we had to say ‘goodbye’ to our family furry companion. From the time of the initial phone call to when we saw her leave our home, your team allowed us to say goodbye both with dignity for our pet and for our family. Your team is very professional and we definitely felt your compassion. Thank you for your amazing bedside manner with our whole family. You helped make a very emotional, difficult time just that much more tolerable. We will not forget you.”
                 – Allan and Eleanor Greeves

“I love the service and the compassion that the girls have. When Tommy had to leave us Dr. Wendy couldn’t have made the end any more nicer. Her compassion and caring ways made a very sad situation less stressful for Tommy and me who had to say goodbye after nineteen wonderful years together and for that I am forever grateful.”
                 – Barb Fraser

“My husband and I feel compelled to write to commend your staff on the timely attention to our dear little 23 yr old cat who became distressed last Friday. Not only the 90 minute turnaround time from our first call, but the compassion and reassurance provided by the vet on call. As awful as the experience of having to lose a loving pet always is, in a very comforting way, it gave us peace knowing she spent her last moments stress free. We can never thank you enough for that.”
                 – Kimberley Keenan

“I was pleasantly surprised by the compassion demonstrated by the Vets to Go team in regards to euthanizing our 18-year-old cat at home. They not only provided a safe and comfortable environment for the procedure, but also provided a lot of emotional support during an extremely difficult time. Everyone we spoke to was extremely sympathetic and professional throughout the entire process. I would highly recommend them for veterinary services, especially at home euthanasia.”
                 – Kelly D.

“Just wanted to say thanks to everyone at Vets To Go for helping us say a hard goodbye to our best friend and my brother. We wanted nothing more than a peaceful, loving goodbye for our special man and that’s exactly what you gave. We will definitely be calling back in the future, it was much nicer to say goodbye to our man in his home than in a cold, office setting. Vet was helpful, courteous and supportive. Wouldn’t have chosen any other way.
                 – Melanie Boizard

“I wanted to send a heartfelt thank you for the service you provide. Your client service team was wonderful and patient while I tried to compose myself and the Vet was nothing short of incredible. A special thank you for showing such amazing compassion and kindness towards our family and our beloved 16 year old Bichon, Mushu, who had to leave this world yesterday. I was so worried and stressed at the thought of taking my boy into his vet’s office for his final moments but so grateful to find your service. My Mushu left this world with the dignity and respect he deserved after giving so much love to his family. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
                 – Joy Schaffer

“My 18 year old cat, Brooklyn, was sick so I made an appointment with Vets to Go. Unfortunately, his age had caught up to him so I made the decision to end his suffering. My Dr. was gentle with him, and with me. He passed away on his most favourite spot in his own home.– Kristin Gay

“I just wanted to thank you so much for helping my old girl cross yesterday. The doctor couldn’t have been kinder or more focused on my needs but more importantly hers. The Vet didn’t rush her (or me) and when he arrived, she was enjoying a big bone in the comfort of her bed. He realized that she had not been able to chew a bone in a long time due to her paralysis and motility issues and that chewing her bone was giving her immense joy and satisfaction. He suggested that we give her some time to really enjoy her bone before we let her go. I’ve had dogs for over 20 years and the compassion and sensitivity he showed her was unparalleled in any of my other vet experiences – it was all about her. She crossed without a second of fear or discomfort. We are lucky that her day was yesterday and that Dr Reza was there to help. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.– Vicki Deveau

“Vets to Go made the loss of my much loved old fellow, Sheppie, so much better for him and for me. They came to our home and gently, kindly and beautifully let him go to his final home. I and my friends were so happy and touched to so see how peacefully he went–in his own home! This is such a wonderful service for people who love their pets (and I think most do love them very much)!”
                 – Wendy Charlton

If you have any questions at all or just need to get another opinion on your situation, please call our service team at 1(888)908-0448.  We’re here to help.