He was the happiest fay boy ever and we love him so much. He was a big talker that loved food, especially treats, but not as much as he loved to cuddle. He was a big presence in our house and we will miss him forever. ShareFacebookTwitteremailPinterestRedditGoogle+



When Darin and I moved to GP in 2008 I was really really lonely. I wanted a dog so badly but D kept saying, wait until after the wedding. (He wasn’t sold on the idea) We got married October 15 and the minute we got home from our wedding I …


September 2000 - March 6, 2018

Jem chose us the moment we walked into the rescue facility. He jumped on my son’s shoulder and refused to get down, We were looking for a tiny kitten and Jem was 4 months old already. From that moment on, he proved himself to be the best cat we have …


August 21 2008 - February 28 2018

Sweet Bosco, you will be missed every single day. A huge hole has been left in our family pack. You gave me nearly 10 years of love, loyalty and protection. You battled to stay by my side as long as you could and I will forever be thankful for the …


Oct. 16, 2000- Feb.26,2018

From the time I adopted you and your brother, you both brought me so much joy. Though we lost your brother to cancer, we helped each other get over the grief, and I got to have you for 7 more wonderful years. Life just won’t be the same without you, …



Bear was our perfect dog. He was brave and full of adventure! He would run through the field with no end in sight, in the rain or cold or the sun or the snow! He loved walks and smelling and peeing on every second twig or bush, prolonging every walk …



Cinnamin was my fearless and laid back princess. She was an independent old soul and my only constant in my life since I was a teenager. She has been there by my side through all my highs and lows and I never realized how much I needed her until her …


1998 - Feb. 6, 2018

Katie was an extraordinary cat. French novelist Colette said “There are no ordinary cats” and it’s true. But our Katie-girl was exceptional even among cats. Her expressive voice, large wise eyes, and irrepressible mischief stole the hearts of all who met her. Adopted as a 2-year-old at the Humane Society, …



He was the happiest fat boy ever and he is dearly missed. His purr was as loud as a Harley Davidson and he always wanted to be right next to someone, if not draped across their lap. ShareFacebookTwitteremailPinterestRedditGoogle+


May 15, 2003 - January 7, 2018

Our love for our sweet boy started the moment we picked him, that little puppy in the corner hoping that we’d pick one of his siblings who were jumping up and down trying to get our attention, saying “pick me, pick me”. From that fluffy little puppy we watched you …