Sweet Louise

Sweet Louise, a most dainty little darling beagle , petite but mighty in spirit. She came to me with her bestie gal pal, Thelma. A bonded duo beyond precious. Louise loved to run like the wind, her smile would light up the skies with joy, my sweet shadow that never let me out of her sight. Five years having you was not long enough , but we cherish every moments memory. My special girl who battled two types of cancer, lost use of hind legs, yet kept her happy spirit strong. Wheels she never tolerated, nope, Mom was to holdie up her hiney with my sweatshirt and off we’d go on our happy jaunts, tail wagging, her front legs would prance us along , proud to be with her Mom, showing off her graceful and adorable self. Toys she knew nothing of, her contentment was just being with us and loved to howl with the pack singing the song of their kind. Her sweet spirit lives on forever in all our hearts. Such a gift, my Sweet Louise.