Dog Euthanasia

dog-euthanasiaThinking about putting your dog to sleep is an extremely difficult decision to make, but if your dog is geriatric or suffering from a chronic or terminal illness, compassionate dog euthanasia is the most selfless and loving decisions you can make for your furry friend.

One of the questions we get a lot from pet owners is ‘how to know if a dog is ready to be euthanized’. Since dogs are so good at hiding pain and discomfort and they can’t tell us what they want, dog owners often struggle to make a decision on what the best option is for their dog’s well-being.

If you’re not sure if it’s time for your dog to be humanely euthanized, we offer an option called a Quality of Life Consultation that can help answer questions related to your dog’s quality of life from a medical perspective. You and the Vet can explore medications or alternate treatment options that could potentially help your pet continue to live comfortably — or decide together that it might indeed be time to say goodbye…

We know this entire process can be emotionally exhausting and confusing, so to help you get the answers you need about dog euthanasia, we’ve created this free download, “Is It Time: A Guide To Understanding Pet Euthanasia“, that can help walk you through the process (there’s no registration or email required to read it). This free guide gives pet owners everything you need to know about dog euthanasia and we’ve also included a quality of life checklist that you can review with your Veterinarian. We hope our guide gives you the answers you need for your dog’s well-being during this very difficult time.

If you have questions about the process, or you’re at the point where you know that your dog is ready to be euthanized and you need to arrange for an at-home appointment in Calgary, Edmonton or any of the surrounding communities, please get in touch with our caring Client Services Team a call at 1-888-908-0448 or contact us using our online form.