Our Little Girl

2003 - 2016

Daisy ❤️May 2003- September 2016 You were our precious little girl. You came to us at just 6 weeks old so little and so cute. You were a gentle little dog with a sweet, lively, fun, little personality, loving everyone! We loved to watch you “dance” when you really wanted something we were eating; we loved to watch you do the “bichon blitz” when someone came to visit; we loved the way your ears perked up when you heard your favourite “hammies”; and the way you got excited for car rides to the lake or to Grandma and Grandpas’. You showed us unconditional love, Daisy – steadfast and true. You are a part of our family and you will be always and forever. You will remain in our hearts forever and we will meet you at the Rainbow Bridge one day. We want you to be free of your discomfort and pain and to be a happy, healthy, beautiful little pup once again. Go leash- free baby girl, run with other puppies, be young again. We love you so very very much.